Saturday, February 28, 2009

2009 hairstyle - short hairstyle

This short hairstyle features long side-parted bangs, brown shades. The messy hair looks very sexy.

This layered bob with parted bangs looks pretty.

This messy bob looks sexy and fascinating

2009 hairstyle trend - Angled Bob Hairstyle

The angled bob is a fashionable day twist to the old classic bob. With the fringe in the front, it gives a softer look to the faces of the women, also, it gives a sexy and a naughty look to all women.

The hair should be condition and shampooed before getting this haircut. It can be blow dried or towel dried for the effect. The hair dresser should put some styling gel before styling the hair which will help to smoothen out the rough edges too.

Taking slim sections from the back, the hair is cut at an angle of 45 degrees to give it a textured look. And then the hair is cut till the nape of the neck.

Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Do Twist Extensions

Twist extensions are a very popular style, but until now, it has been difficult to do yourself. Sure you can have a professional do it, if you don’t mind not being able to blink for 2 weeks, losing half of your hairline, and forking over a couple hundred dollars. So if you would like to do this style on your own, follow my simple instructions.


Purchase Twist extension hair. In this case, Kanakelon that has been texturized works best. It comes in many different packages and names, so just look for packaged hair that looks like dreadlocks.


Part off a section of hair to be twisted.


Taking a section of artificial hair, fold the artificial hair in half and wrap the center around the section of hair on your head. At this point, you will have 4 sections in your hands ready for braiding.


Combine one section of the hair on your head and one section of the extension hair so that you have 3 sections ready for braiding.


Braid the hair for 3 or 4 links.


Combine the lone strand of your hair with the lone strand extension hair, so that you have 2 sections in your hand.


Begin twisting the two remaining sections while twirling the strands between your fingers at the same time to ensure that the fake hair and real hair do not separate.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How to Apply Clip on Hair Extensions

Clip on Hair Extensions method:

1. Measure the width of the weft you want to wear and cut TWO pieces to the size you want. The above weft is 8 inches wide.

2. This step is optional. But it gives you a thicker weft. Sew the two wefts together. This will give you one weft but it will be twice as thick.

3. Using an ordinary needle and cotton, sew the clips onto the weft. The rubber strip on the clip should be touching the hair.

4. The clips should be sewn on the weft about every 3 inches. Sew each side of the clip securely.

5. Section the hair as required.

6. Clip the extensions into your own hair.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Fashion Hairstyles 2009

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to Grow Long Black Hair

Growing your hair is very simple. The following steps are what you need to take to grow you hair and give it the best possible chance of gaining length that has never before been attained by you. These steps are: Shampooing, Conditioning, Moisturizing and Maintaining.

First you should shampoo your hair every 3-7 days. Never go beyond a week without washing your hair Since our has is already dry and using relaxers and heated appliances aids in drying out our already dry hair your hair needs to be exposed to water more frequently.

Weekly conditioning is neccessary for strong beautiful hair Conditioning will repair your hair and help seal in vital moisture.You should use a protein conditioner that contains oil to seal in the moisture and a scalp stimulate.

Your hair needs to have a moisturizer applied daily and this doesn't mean a hair oil, but a hair lotion. The moisturizer should be free of mineral oil, protein and petroluem and the first ingredient should be water along with humercants and oils. This will help keep the hair moisturized to prevent breakage due to dryness.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What are the different type of hair

Hair type is determined by the hair's natural condition - that is , by the amount of sebum the body produces. Treatment programs such as perming, coloring and heat styling will also have an effect on hair type. Finding out which type of hair you possess is the first step to beautiful hair.

Natural hair types and those produced by applying various treatments are described below, together with advice on haircare where appropriate.

Thin or fine straight hair is best cut into a textured short style, or softly permed to give additional volume.

Medium textured and straight hair is very adaptable. If hair is in super condition a bob is ideal. Perming is also perfect for a full, curly look.

Fine curly hair needs precision cutting to keep it under control.

Thin, wispy hair is difficult to grow long and is often better styled shorter.

Thick and strong hair usually has a mind of its own. A mid-length cut is probably easiest to handle. Excess frizziness can be brought under control by combing with a wide toothed comb and dampening with water to re-set curls.

Different Hair Types

Normal Hair

Oily Hair

Dry Hair

Combination Hair

Fine Hair

Frizzy Hair

Colored or Permed Hair is very often more porous than untreated hair, so it needs gentle cleansers and good conditioners. Color care products help prevent fading by protecting the hair from damaging rays of sunlight. Specialist products for permed hair help maintain elasticity by giving longer lasting results.